Monthly updates about managing our library and preparing to build a new Kennett Library for the 21st Century

January 2021
Chester County Library System (CCLS) Board of Trustees’ review of the New Kennett Library Project Summary provided in December is judged to meet all criteria of the required “CCLS Building Approval Process”. CCLS announce their approval and complete support for the New Library.

Final elements required to complete New Library Land Development Plan are proceeding.

  • Thomas Comitta Associates contracted to work with Regester Associates to provide the “Basic” Landscaping Plan Design. “Enhanced” Landscaping Design will be pursued later in the project timeline.
  • Mapping of Water and Sewer lines completed to provide input for New Library Water and Sewer decision.

First design and cost proposal received for New Library Rooftop Photovoltaic Solar Panel Array option.

December 2020
Video recording scope for Auditorium, 2 Classrooms, and Mobile Unit outlined for inclusion in Tri-M’s submission of Audio Video/Information Technology proposal for the New Library.

State Consultant Milligan and Company holds first meeting with Library to detail compliance criteria that it will oversee in its role to judge and authorize payment of $1M PA RACP grant that has been awarded to the New Kennett Library.

“Land Swap” with New Kennett Library neighbor is legally completed and updated deeds registered with the County. This is the final step in our Land Acquisition work to secure property boundaries that will accommodate the New Library Building footprint and its 32,000 sq ft of interior space.

Final Interior space layout revisions are “frozen” such that dependent detailed specifications for foundation, steel structure, mechanical/electrical/plumbing systems, AV/IT, Security, and other project disciplines can be finalized in our first half 2021 Construction Document Definition and Bidding stages.

November 2020
Interior Library design decisions taken for ceiling and wall treatments. Adult and Children’s Maker Space equipment is specified.

Value Engineering of Design Development package is completed with $1.3M in cost reductions identified principally by researching and identifying material and component substitutions that maintain or improve the quality, functionality, and visual aesthetic while also providing a cost reduction.

Privacy space allocated within the Library design to support lactation and breastfeeding needs of mothers with newborns.

October 2020
First round of proposals for New Library’s Security and Audio Visual/Information Technology systems are received from Tri-M.

Agreement reached with CBRE/Heery to provide “Owner’s Representative” services for the New Library project. Matt Eskridge from CBRE/Heery will be our lead representative.

September 2020
Added Library features incorporated into the August Design Development package results in an increase Project Cost Estimate. Value Engineering is undertaken to identify opportunities to re-align the cost to earlier estimates.

Initial definition of scope and functionality is developed for the AV/IT/Security systems for the New Library and a “Design and Build” request for proposal issued.

August 2020
Kennett Square Borough Council approves the design of the new building and approved a text amendment to the parking ordinance, which allows the planning of the new site to continue. The Zoning Hearing Board also approved a steep slope variance. Project Management firm EDiS begin estimating the cost of the design development presented by the architects. The Board of Trustees submitted a second RACP grant application to the Commonwealth of PA. The new and much improved Library website goes live.

July 2020
The Kennett Square Historical Architecture Review Board passed on voting on the façade of the new building, which sends it to Borough Council for approval.

June 2020
A job description for the Owner’s Rep position has been completed, along with a process to begin the search.

May 2020
A “Land Swap” with a neighboring property owner is approved by the Borough to square off the property. Geothermal is taken of the table after an assessment of the pros and cons.

April 2020
Updated the site grading and stormwater management plans. Conditional use reviews are scheduled with Kennett Borough Council and the Borough Planning Commission. Design of a new Library website began.

March 2020
Chester County Commissioners take tour of new Library site and voice their support for the project. Second Public Meeting held to solicit community comments on the preservation plan for the Underground Railroad mural.

February 2020
Leadership in Energy and Environmental Design (LEED) work plan developed for new Library project. Investigation of roof top solar installation feasibility is initiated.

January 2020
Design Development kick-off meeting held with project partners. Lot testing and tree removal begins. Business Plan required for compliance with $1M RACP grant successfully submitted to the PA RACP office.

December 2019
Updated new Library project timeline reflecting a completion date in 4Q2022. Initiated Civil Engineering work needed to support the required Land Development Plan. Library Board approves readiness to enter Design Development phase of new project.

November 2019
Planned consolidation of Weinstein lot on State Street with the 120 and 124 Willow Street properties will provide the needed footprint for the New Library building and parking. Library project team meeting held with architects and construction manager to update planning.

October 2019
The 3rd Annual Kennett Library Benefit was held which raises funds for the operation of the Library. The Benefit raised $50,000, a 20% increase from 2018.

September 2019
Mary Hutchins was hired as a Development Associate for the Capital Campaign. Mary brings with her 20 years of experience as Executive Director of Historic Kennett Square.

August 2019
The 2018 annual campaign total has reached $108,565. The campaign runs through October 30th, 2019. The 2017 total was $96,652. The annual appeal supports the day-to-day operations of the Kennett Library.

July 2019
All 8 municipalities were contacted about contributing a fair share to the Library’s capital campaign that would total $3 million or just 20% of the $15 million goal. Each municipality is being asked to contribute .1 mil of their tax base each year for 3 years. The initial responses were very positive.

June 2019
Board Members Jeff Yetter and Michael Guttman meet with Senator Tom Killian to get his support for the Library’s RACP grant.

May 2019
The Board approves hiring Carl Francis to help guide the Library through the Fall 2019 Capital Campaign Referendums.

April 2019
The Board agrees to approach the 8 municipalities to institute a .3 mil real estate tax for just 3 years to help fund the Capital costs of the new Library. The tax would raise $3.1 million or about 20% the cost of building the new Library.

March 2019
RACP Grant application submitted with letters of support from all 8 municipalities, Chester County and CCLS.

February 2019
New Building Committee meets with Fairmount Ventures to officially kick off the silent phase of the Capital Campaign.

January 2019
The design for the new library is finalized with Lukmire Architects. The revised budget for the new Library comes down to $14.9 million.

December 2018
The library’s Annual Appeal mailing was sent out to residents in eight municipalities in order to solicit donations that will help to fill the gap between the Kennett Library’s operational budget and government funding.

November 2018
The fourth redesign of the new library was unveiled and discussed by the building committee. EDIS, our construction manager, is working on a new cost estimate based on the latest design.

October 2018
The Library’s “Through the Looking Glass” Fall fundraiser was held at the Mendenhall and raised $40,000, a 50% increase over last year’s inaugural event.

September 2018
Met with Mayor Matt Fetick to discuss the Library’s upcoming capital campaign and how he and the Borough can support the campaign.

August 2018
The Kennett Square Borough Council unanimously votes to allow the demolition of the 120 S. Willow Street building.

July 2018
Progress update from Fairmont Ventures on the feasibility study which is due to conclude round the end of August.

June 2018
Lukmire Architects provides the 3rd library design revision which incorporates changes to reduce construction costs.

May 2018
The Kennett Library’s launches a new FREE Community Calendar on their website.

April 2018
Capital Campaign committee meets and selects Fairmount ventures as the Feasibility Study Consultants for the capital campaign.

March 2018
Illustrations of the proposed new Library appear in the Spring issue of the FIG.

February 2018
Cost estimate for the new Library was received from EDIS and the Library begins the value engineering phase to reduce the cost.

January 2018
The annual Board organizational meeting was held and all officers were reelected for another one year term